Uitslagen IB (TTO)

Geplaatst op 6 juli 2017

The results of the IB-examination are now available and…we are very happy to inform you that all the candidates have passed: congratulations!!
This afternoon the individual results will be uploaded in Magister. The IB-scores rank from 1-7. In order to pass, students need a score of at least 4. A score of 4 compares to a 6-7 in the Dutch system. Explanation of all the scores: 4 = 6-7;   5= 7-8;   6= 8-9;   7= 9-10   Average score Higher Level: 4,9 and average score Standard Level: 5,0
We warmly invite you and your loved ones to the IB graduation ceremony on Friday 6 October 2017 at 19:00. We hope to see you all then!

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