Uitslag IB-examens

Geplaatst op 6 juli 2018

To all the 2018 IB candidates: the results of the IB-examination 2018 are now available!! All the candidates can find their individual results in Magister.

The IB-scores rank from 1-7. For IB, a score of at least 4 is a ‘pass’. A score of 4 compares to a 6-7 in the Dutch system.
Explanation of all the scores: 3 = 5-6; 4 = 6-7; 5= 7-8; 6= 8-9; 7= 9-10.
Our school’s average score for Higher Level is 4,1 and the average score for Standard Level is 4,2
All the candidates who took part in the 2018 IB examination will receive an official IB-certificate.
We warmly invite you and your loved ones to the IB graduation ceremony on Friday 5 October 2018 at 19:00. Save the date: we hope to see you all then!

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