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Geplaatst op 6 juli 2019

To all the 2019 IB candidates
The results of the IB-examination 2019 are now available! All the candidates can find their individual results in Magister. The scale for IB-results ranges from 0,0 -7,0. There is no ‘passing’ or ‘failing’, but the benchmark for TTO-students is 4,0. Explanation of the scores:
3= comparable to a grade 5-6
4 = 
comparable to a grade 6-7
comparable to a grade 7-8
comparable to a grade 8-9
comparable to a grade 9-10
If you have any questions about your score, contact Ms Sakic ( 
Enjoy your holidays and we hope to see you at the IB graduation ceremony on Friday 25 October!

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